Carve Out A Small Piece Of The Niche Pie

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There’s a lot of money to be made in taking small pieces of big markets. Markets like weight loss, making money, credit cards, mortgages, etc. are impossibly difficult to tackle for someone just getting started in online marketing.


However, smart marketers who cut out just a small slice of these large markets can make a lot of money.


Here’s how to make this strategy work for you.

Go Where the Money Is


There’s a very good reason why markets like weight loss or real estate are so crowded – there’sa lot of money to be made in them.


Instead of finding small niche markets where the profit potential is unsure, in a proven market you can be certain that there’s money to be made. The trick is carving a slice of that pie for yourself.

Choosing Your Slice


The best way to take a small piece of a large pie is to pick a specialty, and preferably that specialty should represent a gap in the larger market.


For example, if there’s a lot of content going around about buying and flipping properties, but no content being produced about how to identify trending international real estate markets, that could be a very powerful niche to go into.


What about overweight vegetarians? If nobody’s talking to them specifically, that could be another great market.


The secret is to find a gap in a large market where you can have something unique to say that isn’t already being said.


Make sure it’s a gap that has real demand. Use your instincts and your knowledge of the market to find a gap. That gap will become your personal or company brand.


In other words, you’ll be known as the “international real estate guy” or the “vegetarian weight-loss gal.” By creating this brand, you’ll effectively become the go-to person for people who want to know about that topic. Word about your specialty will spread throughout the niche and soon people will begin to seek you out of their own accord.


When people are consistently finding you on their own because of your brand in a market, that’s when you know you’ve cornered a slice of the pie.

Establishing Your Slice In The Market


Ok, I can hear the wheels turning, but now you’re asking, “that sounds like good advice, but how do I get started?”


I’m glad you asked. Otherwise I’d feel kind of silly finishing this article just because I have nothing else to do on a Sunday afternoon.


Once you’ve identified your slice, start by picking a few choice keywords as well as a few target partners. These are people in the industry who you respect and would like to work with in the future.


Create your website and put 100% of your effort into creating world-class content on your subject. Consistently put out content at least once a week for a few months. Some of your articles can be deliberately written to target easy to rank for keywords, while others are written just for the quality of the content.


Once you build a bit of reputation, approach your target partners with an offer for a JV deal, a guest blog or a joint teleseminar. Do a few of these and your reputation and backlinks will both grow.


Carving a slice of a larger pie takes time, but the profit potential makes it all worth it. Find an aspect of a large and profitable market that’s under represented and brand yourself as the go-to person for that slice of the market.


For discussion: is your business built on a small niche within a larger niche? If so, what is it and what successes or hurdles have you had with it? You can include your remarks in the comment box found below.


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