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Checklist for Choosing a Potential Niche

This is a seven-item checklist to help you make sure that any niche you go into will be profitable. Anytime you’re looking at a new niche, just pull out this checklist to help make sure your new niche has the makings of a winner.

How to Use Email Marketing Effectively

77% of consumers prefer to receive permission-based marketing communications through email.

Carve Out A Small Piece Of The Niche Pie

There’s a lot of money to be made in taking small pieces of big markets. Markets like weight loss, making money, credit cards, mortgages, etc. are impossibly difficult to tackle for someone just getting started in online marketing.

Why Word Of Mouth Marketing Is The Most Important Social Media

Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM). Isn’t this really the original social media platform? I grew up with the famous Faberge commercial that showed a woman who “told 2 friends” about the product and how “they told 2 friends … and so on … and so on”.

Leverage Word Of Mouth to Grow Your Business – Its Honest Marketing

According to the Word of Mouth Marketing Association; 76% of consumers say they don’t believe companies tell truth in advertising... It’s interesting that only 24% of the population actually believes that advertisers are truthful.