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BigDemUp.com - Online, Mobile, Social

BigDemUp.com is a Business Portal website for Jamaican consumers and businesses alike using Online Directory Listings with Reviews & Ratings, Deals, Classifieds, Events, Articles, Blog, Banner Ads and Social Media.


BigDemUp Online goes further to add In-Store & Social Media Promotions, Testimonials, Business Exposes & Articles, Business Videos, Special Consumer News, Door Stickers, QR Codes, Business Awards & Badges, Giveaways, Polls, Sweepstakes and much more to keep the consumer informed & engaged while businesses remain visible and in touch.


BigDemUp Online provides a win-win situation for both consumers and businesses alike using a wide range of Online, Mobile & Social Media tools.



We know everybody now searches online to find places to do business with, but after you find them, how do you decide if they are worth your hard earned cash & time? You got that right - REVIEWS!


Reviews and Ratings now drive the entire world. Smart shoppers worldwide are using reviews to determine who to choose to do business with. Reviews and Ratings are simply Word of Mouth on Steroids, and we all know that Word-of-Mouth is the best form of marketing/advertising. Full Stop.


BigDemUp Online goes further to provide you with Special Promotions, Giveaways, Deals, Discounts and a ton of information on your most and least favourite businesses so you can make the best decisions when spending your money and stay entertained too with the Events, Classifieds, Articles, Consumer News and Blog.


BigDemUp even gives you the opportunity to vote for your favourite businesses so they can stay in business to continue serving you and improve their service and product offerings while winning awards to grow their business.


And remember, you can leave comments and share everything with your friends via Social Media and your Smartphones & Tablets too!



We know it's difficult to promote your business at an affordable price that actually works consistently, so we provide affordable marketing and advertising options with high returns on your investment (ROI).


BigDemUp.com's Online Directory Listing not only provides you with a mini website for your business that gets you found in the search engines, but it allows you to use your existing customers to grow your business while you boost your business image with photos, maps, videos, opening hours, products offered, stickers, badges and ribbons to "Big You Up" and even Awards, Exposes and Articles to showcase you to the entire world. 


If you already have a website and social media pages, integrate them to get even better results all around.


Now you can promote your business, advertise, get more traffic, get more customers, get customers to buy more often, bosst your image, keep consumers informed, engaged and coming back using a very special combination of Online, Mobile and Social Media tools used in just the right way to get you results !.


BigDemUp.com is an absolute must-have tool for every Jamaican business (especially Small Businesses) !!!



Jamaica now has it's very own Reviews & Ratings website where you will find REviews written by Jamaicans for Jamaicans. These reviews are done by people who you can relate to and sometimes even people you know..... Yes, the true Jamaican perspective from a truly unique people.... BIG UP JAMAICA !!!




Big Up Your Favourite Businesses so others can know where to Shop !!

  1. Search and find your favourite businesses in our Listings
  2. If they are not yet there, send us an email requesting they be added for FREE
  3. Visit the businesses listing and leave a review of your last visit/experience with them
  4. Share the listing link so your friends and family can benefit and comment
  5. Get special prizes and surprises when you leave reviews


Let Your Customers "Big You Up" so others can choose you and grow your business !!  

  1. Search for and find your business on our Listings
  2. If your business is not there, send us an email to listing@bigdemup.com requesting you be added for FREE or signup on our advertise page
  3. Claim your listing to access detailed usage statistics and reports and promote to your friends & family
  4. Promote your business to your existing customers to get likes & reviews and to win stickers, badges & awards
  5. Add videos, articles, deals, classifieds, banner ads and giveaways to get even more visibility and customers
  6. Upgrade your Listing to get even more out of your Listings